How to stay hydrated during pregnancy

To stay hydrated during pregnancy, experts suggest drinking 2.3 litres (10 - 12 glasses) of water each day. If you’re vomiting or living in warm conditions, it can be even more. Here, we explore the signs and symptoms of dehydration, and how to beat them with the best hydration drink. 

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Growing a human is seriously hard work. We hear you, mamma! Plus, you know you need to stay hydrated, but sometimes you just… can’t. When you’re pregnant your body’s total water volume starts increasing. By the last trimester you’re carrying about 8 to 9-litres of extra fluid (ugh!) , so you need to increase your fluids to compensate for that. Your blood volume also increases (up to 50 per cent), plus the amniotic fluid and new tissue that’s supporting your growing baby is also enhanced through hydration

Luckily, we know how to hydrate fast when you’re vomiting, exhausted and over it. But first, you need to know the signs and symptoms of dehydration so you can beat them before they take hold. 

The signs and symptoms of dehydration

When you don't have enough fluids in your body, it can have an impact on basic functions, but it’s even more important to stay hydrated if you’re pregnant, with vomiting and sweating often taking out more than you’re putting in. Symptoms to look out for include:

  • Thirst is the first indication that you need more fluids
  • Asking yourself ‘why am I so tired?’ Tiredness is a key sign of dehydration
  • A dry mouth and lips are a hint that you need to stay hydrated
  • Headaches or dizziness may be a sign of dehydration
  • Dark coloured urine is another clue that you need to increase your fluids
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Reach for the best hydration drink and hydrating foods

If you’re experiencing the signs and symptoms of dehydration, the good news is there are ways to hydrate fast. Increasing your daily water intake is key, but we hear you when you say you just CAN’T. Many women can’t stomach water, so the next best hydration drink is one packed with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, like a can of Aquamamma, which has been designed so you can not only stomach it, but enjoy the taste and snap back to life. Crammed with essentials like vitamin C, magnesium and folic acid, it supercharges your hydration and helps you tackle all kinds of cravings (even the really weird ones).

You can also drink it in electrolyte powder form, diluted exactly to your taste. Sip slowly, sip often and dehydration doesn’t stand a chance. Stash the slim form Aquamamma hydration sticks in your car, bra or handbag so that they’re always within reach.


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