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The perfect package for mums and kids! The Aquabundle contains a case of Aquamamma Hydration Cans for mum and a case of Aquabud Hydration Cans for the kids. Finally - no more whining for a sip of your Aquamamma. Your stash is yours to keep! Plus you’re hydrating them with electrolytes, and the vitamins and minerals their little bodies need. Family peace is restored.
Aquabud 24 Pack Mixed Berry / Coconut
Aquamamma 24 Pack Mixed Berry / Lemon
  • Ingredients

    What’s IN?

    • New Zealand Spring Water
    • Calcium Citrate
    • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
    • Magnesium Phosphate
    • Potassium Citrate
    • Sodium Citrate
    • Zinc Gluconate
    • Natural Flavours
    • Natural Colours
    • Cane sugar (Coconut & Berry)
    • Apple juice concentrate (Apple)
    • Steviol Glycosides
    • Citric Acid

    What’s OUT?

    • Low sugar (2.5g/100ml)
    • Low sodium (4.8mg/100ml)
    • Low calorie (45.3kj/100ml)
    • No artificial sweeteners
    • No artificial colours
    • No artificial flavours
    • Gluten free
    • Dairy free
    • Nut free
    • Egg free
  • Nutritional Information

    Aquabud Av. Qty
    Per Serve
    Av. Qty
    Per 100mL
    Energy 110kJ 45.3kJ
    Protein 0g 0g
    Fat – Total 0g 0g
    Saturated 0g 0g
    6.57g 2.63g
    Sugars 6.25g 2.5g
    Dietary Fibre 0g 0g
    Sodium 12mg 4.81mg
    Potassium 6.3mg 2.52mg
    Vitamin C 88mg 35mg
    Magnesium 12.7mg 5.1mg
    Zinc 0.79mg 0.32mg
    Calcium 37.1mg 14.8mg
  • Constantly being pestered for a sugary juice or soft drink? Always trying to force your kid to drink water? Aquabud to the rescue!
  • Electrolytes for fast hydration, plus vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and zinc!
  • Free from artificial nasties found in many fruit drinks, soft drinks, cordials, sports drinks and flavoured milks.
  • Three delicious flavours ensure they’ll never get bored.
  • The perfect size for grubby little hands - great as a lunchbox bud, an after school rehydration bud, a Saturday sport bud, or just a healthy treat.
  • Everyone focuses on the baby but mums need gifts too! Our healthy electrolyte drinks are convenient and will make her feel great.
  • Did you know dehydration is linked to fatigue? (So is not sleeping, but unfortunately we can’t help with that. Talk to the baby.) Aquamamma helps shake that cute zombie feeling.


  • How many can I drink per day?

    For Aquamamma, we recommend the following as a guide, but we always advise you to consult a health professional to determine suitability based on your individual needs and health records. Pre Pregnancy - 1 Aquamamma per day (3 months) During Pregnancy - 1-3 Aquamamma per day (9 months) Labour - 1 Aquamamma per hour Post Pregnancy / Breastfeeding - 1-3 Aquamamma per day (6 months) For Aquabud, we recommend between 1-3 a day.

  • Are these drinks carbonated?

    Nope! None of our drinks are carbonated. We’re a naturally flavoured, electrolyte water, with added vitamins. Being so deliciously flat makes us easier to gulp. (But legend has it some people add their sachets to sparkling water – which we think is GENIUS.

  • Why is hydration so important for women & kids?

    Hydration is important for everyone! But especially for women who are trying to get pregnant, who are pregnant, or who have just given birth - it is vital. During this time, your body's working overtime to create and keep a tiny human alive. That takes A LOT of energy. So your body requires more fluid than usual. If you don’t keep your fluids up you can become dehydrated, which could have an adverse impact on your health and even the health of your baby. And for kids? Hydration is also crucial. It helps keep their organs functioning, helps joints move properly, improves sleep quality, cognition and overall mood. It delivers nutrients where they need to go and gets rid of waste their body no longer needs. It's the natural fuel that keeps their bodies operating how they should.

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