Healthy hydration for
lil’ freedom seekers

We’re the new kids on the hydration block

Aquabud was conceived by the team at Aquamamma. We have been making delicious and healthy hydration drinks for mums and mums-to-be for over five years now. 

Let’s just say - when it comes to hydration we know our stuff.

In fact, we became so good at hydrating mums, we began to wonder who else we could hydrate. The natural answer was kids.

Why? Because, just like pregnant & breastfeeding women, young kids are more at risk of dehydration. Plus it can be hard to get them to drink enough water when all they ever want is colourful, sugary drinks.

And to be honest. We were also getting sick of our kids constantly trying to steal our Aquamamma. Something had to be done!

We’ve worked with a leading Australian paediatrician on the formulation to ensure we meet the specific electrolyte and healthy needs for kids aged two and above. 

And our company is run by parents! Parents who understand there is nothing more terrifying than a toddler sugar high or a supermarket meltdown. Parents who want to do right by their kids’ health but like to have fun in the process. 

We are Aquabud and we’re ready to hydrate your non-stopping kids.

You deserve transparency

Our ingredients

No nasties

Low sugar (2.5g/100ml)

No artificial sweeteners

Low sodium (4.8mg/100ml)

No artificial colours

Low calorie (45.3kj/100ml)

No artificial flavours


Gluten, dairy, nut & egg free

We don’t like to brag but…


Sugar per 100ml

  • Aquabud 2.5g
  • Apple Juice 10.6g
  • Orange Juice 7.9g
  • Soda / Soft Drink 10.6g
  • Coconut water 4.7g
  • Vitamin water drink 4.1g
  • Sports performance drink 6g

Healthy hydration is a human right

Right now, millions of women & children around the world don’t have access to clean water and basic sanitation. That’s why we donate 1% of our profits to Wateraid Australia. They work with the world's poorest and most marginalised communities to set up practical and sustainable water projects, like installing wells and tap systems to provide clean water access and providing sanitation to hospitals and maternity wards. 

Children’s lives can be transformed at the turn of a tap. Thanks for helping make that happen.


  • What’s Aquabud made of?

    Aquabud is a water-based electrolyte drink. 

    The main ingredient in every can is natural spring water from our mates in New Zealand. We don’t mind putting aside our trans-Tasman rivalry to admit they have the best water in the world. We add electrolytes in the form of potassium, plus a small amount of Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc. Then we jazz things up with natural flavours and colours - but nothing artificial! Check out our full list of ingredients and a description of each one here.

  • Why is hydration important for kids?

    Because kids are like fiddle leaf figs - they need water. Water serves so many vital functions in the human body like distributing nutrients, getting rid of waste, pumping oxygen through the blood, as well as helping every cell to function correctly. Water also helps stabilise body temperature.

    But perhaps most importantly, hydration is linked to energy levels and physical endurance, as well as concentration and focus. Basically, the more hydrated kids are, the more they’ll be able to squeeze out of life!

  • What are the benefits of hydration?

    Oh where do we start?! It helps keep your organs functioning, helps your joints move properly, improves sleep quality, cognition and overall mood. It delivers nutrients where they need to go and gets rid of waste your body no longer needs. It's the natural fuel that keeps our bodies operating how they should.

  • Can kids get dehydrated?

    They certainly can! Little kids in particular are more at risk of dehydration than teens and adults. Their bodies are smaller and have smaller water reserves to draw from. They’re usually more physically active too. They literally do not stop moving - unless Bluey is on TV of course. And if you’ve ever seen a little child flushed red and super hot after physical exertion, it’s because their little bodies produce more heat than ours. For younger kids, they may not always know if they’re thirsty or remember to ask for water.

    All these factors mean that kids can be even more susceptible to dehydration than grown-ups.

  • How can I tell if my child is dehydrated?

    One of the best places to start is the toilet. If your child is dehydrated their wee might be dark yellow, orange or even brown. They might not be going to the toilet as much, or have less wet nappies. Other symptoms include dry lips and mouth, mild dizziness and headaches. 

    Symptoms of more severe dehydration include lethargy and no energy, sunken eyes, really cold hands and feet and faster breathing with a faster heart rate. They might also seem irritable or confused, and if they cry no tears appear.

    If you think your child is showing signs of severe dehydration we would recommend immediately contacting your doctor or even hospital.

  • Will hydration get my child to go to bed on time?

    Hmmm sorry no - but we can recommend gentle cajoling, followed by angry threats, followed by sobbing into your hands, followed by weary resignation.